District Health Index

What is the District Health Index (DHI)?

The District Health Index (DHI) helps parents, schools, stakeholders, and policy makers throughout the county learn the answers to these questions by providing an interactive data platform that graphically represents the state of physical fitness of our children’s health in Bexar County. Parents and other community members can use the index to search by either one or multiple school districts, comparing the health status of students in the districts. This marks the first time that this data is available to our community.

How do we get the data?

Since January 2007, Project Measure Up has been working collaboratively with Bexar County school districts in quantitatively measuring the rate of youth obesity and the status of physical fitness for all children in grades 3 - 12 by providing trained volunteer support in performing Fitness Gram testing. The Fitness Gram includes evaluating children in three fitness categories: cardiovascular, flexibility and upper body strength, as well as the collection of height, weight, age and gender for the calculation of childhood overweight and obesity.

What can we do with the information?

The data available through the DHI will allow for all of us to see changes over time as it relates to performance on physical fitness testing and the prevalence of overweight and obese children. Such a tool will allow for the community to identify where more resources are needed, as well as what strategies / programs are working. This information is meant to unite our community to help schools and families have the resources and information they need to improve our children’s health everyday and in everyway possible. It’s our responsibility.

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